Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bonefire Tarot App went Live today!

    Bonefire Tarot App Has just gone live!!
     I have to say I feel pretty Swanky, being an App person, I might have to adopt a top hat and cane as regular attire and perhaps a little more swagger as I mix with the ordinary 'app-less folk around the village.
  Enough about me,
how are you today?

    Here are the links:

     I just gave it a spin on my ipad... Wunderbar!

Monday, 3 March 2014

BonefireTarot Update, Creative Guilt and the Luxury Trades

 Bonefire has been commanding my attention these last few days. Sales have been up and I ran out of all the accompaniments.
   I have made Little white Books, sewn felt bags and drawn the wooden hearts. I have a small stock ready to send now.
   I will definitely be getting a box and booklet printed, if  I make a second print run, so if you like the more personalised approach, buy now, not later.
    The upshot of this has been. no more work has been done on Sarah Howard. I will paint today, though, (I get this alot) I have the feeling I should be doing some kind of mundane chore.
  I wonder when this feeling goes. Perhaps it is when your art makes enough money to support your whole family. I always have a sort of guilt when I give too much time to painting, as I become sparce with everything and more importantly everyone else in life.
   What is about being paid well for a dull job that alleviates that guilt? The self-sacrifice, the martyr in you. The fact that you are "suffering" the same as all others, who are lucky enough to have paid employment.

   I heard Art and design being termed a "Luxury Trade" the other day. I had never heard it before. I made me chuckle. I am a Luxury Tradee-Part-time.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New SWOSH cards and the Bonefire Tarot App

I made two new cards yesterday for TWOSH so I'll put them up here for your perusal.
   The deck is skipping along fine, some cards go well, some not so much.
 I have about 70 sketches for cards, so there might be room to weed a few out.
  Currently there are 20 completed cards, I'll put a few more up when I'm not in a painting frame of mind -that does happen, but usually only when I'm a bit blocked, which has not really happened since I discovered card creation.
  I have to say I highly recommend making some kind of cartomancy deck for any one who is in any way visually creative; it is a seemingly bottomless pit of inspiration and spring board into deeper waters of self-discovery and education.
I've been advertising locally for a partner in crime, to make some workshops on Tarot and Creativity- no takers yet, or even likely, I want someone to hold hands with, when we are nervous and feeling like Charlatans.
  Oh yes and -for anyone who is here because they have a passing interest in Bonefire Tarot. I saw the menu page and icon for the Fool's Dog App which is in development, if it plays as good  it looks, I will be one happy lady.
  Here are those cards.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

   I was just scanning and uploading anotherThe Wyrd of Sarah Howard (TWOSH) card into my thread in Aeclectic Tarot, when I was struck with a playful thought- ( now this only a deck creation, playful thought so don't get too excited)......As I have quite a few animal cards in the deck- what if ?...wait for it......I made a Lenormand deck within the Oracle that is Sarah Howard.
    So Many of the the lenny elements are already lined up to go in.
 A deck within a deck!
  2 ways of reading!
  Am I utterly inspired?
  Am I confused and deluded?

     Well I thought it was worth a little consideration.
    In the meantime, this is the card I made yesterday for TWOSH.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Social Media and THE WYRD of SARAH HOWARD.

    It is not that I don't like talking about myself, or backing  my art work.....
        Well actually it is that and more. I just want to be painting, but as I decided I want to sell decks and artwork then I will try harder with this blogging business.
    I have a somewhat small day-job, it is very dull and I am threatened with the need to make money, to eat and stuff. The Answer is- SELL MUCH MORE ART ! Much, much, much, more art.
      I am painting every day now and will post the results here. The works are for a new deck I am absorbed with.  An image a day. A high rate of turn over and top entertainment, if you include the scrapers I may also post.
    So if you want to find out the contents of this artists brain-box, about now would be a good time to do it.
      I have decided out of necessity, I will not engage my inner-editor for this blog as she is rather stifling and cares too much about typos and spacing. I save those kind of decisions for my art.
    Ps. I reserve the right to recant everything I say in this blog and blame it on the dog.
Sarah sits and Sarah sews.
acrylic and pen on paper 18cmx13cm
Feb' 2014
Artwork for the first card from THE WYRD OF SARAH HOWARD.
  My new Oracle deck in progress.