Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bonefire Tarot App went Live today!

    Bonefire Tarot App Has just gone live!!
     I have to say I feel pretty Swanky, being an App person, I might have to adopt a top hat and cane as regular attire and perhaps a little more swagger as I mix with the ordinary 'app-less folk around the village.
  Enough about me,
how are you today?

    Here are the links:

     I just gave it a spin on my ipad... Wunderbar!

Monday, 3 March 2014

BonefireTarot Update, Creative Guilt and the Luxury Trades

 Bonefire has been commanding my attention these last few days. Sales have been up and I ran out of all the accompaniments.
   I have made Little white Books, sewn felt bags and drawn the wooden hearts. I have a small stock ready to send now.
   I will definitely be getting a box and booklet printed, if  I make a second print run, so if you like the more personalised approach, buy now, not later.
    The upshot of this has been. no more work has been done on Sarah Howard. I will paint today, though, (I get this alot) I have the feeling I should be doing some kind of mundane chore.
  I wonder when this feeling goes. Perhaps it is when your art makes enough money to support your whole family. I always have a sort of guilt when I give too much time to painting, as I become sparce with everything and more importantly everyone else in life.
   What is about being paid well for a dull job that alleviates that guilt? The self-sacrifice, the martyr in you. The fact that you are "suffering" the same as all others, who are lucky enough to have paid employment.

   I heard Art and design being termed a "Luxury Trade" the other day. I had never heard it before. I made me chuckle. I am a Luxury Tradee-Part-time.